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  1. I am new to the cheese adventure and am blogging about my journey. Check me out at http://www.arcticcheesenewbie.wordpress.com. If you have any suggestions as to how I could make my blog more interesting or useful, I would love to know your thoughts.

  2. As a writer/broadcaster in Prince Edward County, I find myself writing and broadcasting about cheese a fair amount! My blog is http://jenniferlester.ca and you can see my collection about cheese by clicking on the “cheese” tag in the right-hand column. Feedback welcome!

  3. good morning:
    I send you my greetings…from Holland.
    Seen your website: We (you and I) we do our best to fight for best cheeses…helping farmers to stay in business and…to protect the landscape.
    Be my guest:
    http://www.kaasblog.nl You can translate in English.
    Fons van den Hout: cheeselover and cheeseexpert.
    Tilburg, The Netherlands

  4. Hey Georgs,

    Love your blog!

    RE: your list o’ blogs above

    I’m wondering if our Invest in Cheese blog http://investincheese.ca might be a little more cheesy than our Creative Rural Economy blog http://dantaylorcre.tumblr.com/ 😉

    Thanks for linking to us at any rate. Very much appreciated!

    PS>And any ideas you have for a guest blog or two on our site, we’d love to share your expertise with the cheese-loving masses.

  5. Hi!! I write about and work with (and love, love, love!) cheese!
    Your blog is great and I would love to add a link to you if thats ok!
    I can be found at http://www.blogtasteofcheese.com. Thanks in advance if you choose to link to me!

  6. I would love it if you would consider linking to my blog: http://www.wendi-yates@blogspot.com I have recently opened a small, but mighty cheese specialty shop in the historic area of Galt in Cambridge, Ontario. I also have a Facebook page, cestcheeseplease Thank you so much and Chee(se)rs! Wendi

  7. What a great find this site is.
    GoldenEars Cheeseworks in Maple Ridge BC (name changing to Golden Ears Cheesecrafters soon) is an awesome new store specializing in wonderful cheeses made on site. I hope you’ll take a look! I am the resident baker there.

  8. Good morning, Bonjour,
    I send you my compliments
    Fons van den Hout, Tilburg, The Netherlands
    More info: see my blog and feel free to link it:
    You can translate it in your language.
    Fight for best cheese, help the farmers to stay in business and…beware the landscape and the taste of cheeses for your grandchildren.
    More info? info@fonsvandenhout.nl

  9. Fresh Sheep’s Milk from pastured animals available. South western Ontario area. ehlf@gmx.com

  10. Hi there, My name is Nanci Lee. I’m writing to you from Halifax, NS where I work closely with the Coady International Institute (educational institute for community and international development leaders). Some colleagues of mine are doing some work around green economy and local food systems here in Nova Scotia. I had heard that Quebec (and perhaps Ontario) have provided better policy and regulatory/legislative support to dairy cottage industries such as small scale cheese etc. Is this assumption correct? Would you be able to point me to any information on these? best, Nanci

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