Name the cheese, win a $400 Festival pass

Be the first to correctly identify the three cheeses pictured on the cover of Canadian Cheese: A Pocket Guide, by Kathy Guidi, and you’ll win a three-day VIP pass to The Great Canadian Cheese Festival worth $400.

Enter the contest by posting your answer in the Leave-a-Comment form below this post.*

Click on the image for a better view of the three cheeses.

The Great Canadian Cheese Festival will take place June 4-5 in Picton, in the heart of Prince Edward County, Ontario’s fastest-growing culinary destination. Click here for complete information.

The VIP pass includes admission to every single event during the Cheese Festival:

  • All-Day Cheese Tour on Friday, June 3 – $85
  • All-Day Tasting Seminar Program, Saturday, June 4 – $175
  • Cooks & Curds Cheese Gala, Saturday, June 4 – $95
  • Cheese Fair & Artisan Food Market, Sunday, June 5 – $45
  • Total value – $400.

Those are regular prices. Savings are possible by taking advantage of earlybird pricing until April 4. Click here for the Cheese Festival box office.

Canadian Cheese: A Pocket Guide is an outstanding reference to some of the newest, best and most popular cheese made in Canada. It includes concise tasting information for 180 cheeses from coast to coast, with emphasis on artisan varieties, while providing enchanting author and cheesemaker anecdotes, useful information on buying and serving, as well as author insights on popular cheese topics like raw milk cheese, discerning quality, whether to eat the rind (or not), cheesemaking and ingredients.


• Fresh, unripened – versatile, indigenous cheeses
• Soft, Ripened – fragile, runny and unctuous
• Soft Washed Rind – called ‘the stinkers’
• Semi-soft – mild, yet diverse
• Semi-soft Washed Rind – Canada’s new cheese heritage
• Firm – substantial, dependable classics
• Hard – maturity with benefits
• Blues – love ‘em or hate ‘em, they’re anything but ordinary

Kathy Guidi is founder of Cheese Education Guild, a school dedicated to advancement of cheese knowledge and appreciation among food professionals and cheese lovers. She is also president of Artisan Cheese Marketing, a unique cheese public relations and business development company.

With more than 35 years of experience working as a consultant and maitre fromager (cheese master) with cheesemongers, trade organizations and producers, Kathy continues to influence and lead domestic and international cheese circles through her passionate training sessions and public speaking engagements. Born and raised in Milwaukee before moving to Chicago for school and career, Kathy has called Toronto home for 25 years.

Canadian Cheese: A Pocket Guide, published by McArthur & Company of Toronto, is available through or and in book stores, cheese shops, select wineries as well as Costco and supermarket book sections across Canada.

* Employees and associates of McArthur & Company, associates and students of Cheese Education Guild and Artisan Cheese Marketing, associates of Cheese Lover Productions, producers of The Great Canadian Cheese Festival, and cheese professionals are ineligible. The contest is open exclusively to consumers and not the trade.

20 Responses

  1. cape vessey
    blue haze
    niagara gold

  2. Lighthall tomme, bleu benedictin, niagara gold

  3. 1) Lighthall Tomme
    2) Blue Benedictine
    3) Niagara Gold

    • Shawn and George, thanks for your entries. You’re both on the same bandwidth, that’s for sure. but you only have one cheese identified correctly.

      No one said this was would be a snap.

  4. Lighthall Tomme
    Ciel de charleboix

  5. Isabella
    Ciel de charleboix
    Niagara Gold

  6. Lighthall Tomme
    Ciel de Charlevoix
    Old Grizzly

  7. Isabella
    Le Ciel de Charlevoix (i bought this today)
    Niagara Gold

  8. isabella
    Ciel de Charlevoix
    Old Grizzly

  9. Lighthall Tomme
    Ciel de Charlevoix
    cape vessey

    • Thanks, everyone for your entries. We don’t yet have a winner. All of you have at least one cheese correctly identified. Some of you have two. But no one yet has all three.

  10. Lighthall Tomme
    Blue Benedictin
    Old Grizzly

  11. Paux Rouge
    Gai Bleu
    Niagara Gold

  12. Fifth town’s Fellowship Limited Edition
    Ciel de Charlevoix
    Niagara Gold

  13. Isabella
    Blue Benedictine
    Niagara Gold

  14. Cape Vessey
    Ciel de Charlevoix
    Niagara Gold

  15. Isabella
    Blue Haze
    Niagara Gold

  16. What’s the deal is the contest still on? Who won?

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