Ontario cheese taste trail

Simmering on a back burner at CheeseLover.ca is a dream to create and promote an Ontario cheese taste trail. Quebec has such a taste trail.  Why not Ontario?

We see Cheese Lover’s Guide to Ontario as a periodical publication and an interactive website. Of course funding—from commercial sponsors and government grants—will be a key ingredient that takes time to develop.

There are 50 cheesemakers in Ontario today. (We include historic Forfar Dairy in Portland which has ceased production but still has cheddar for sale.)

Here’s where to find Ontario cheesemakers:

Not all cheesemakers are open to the public or have on-site stores, so it’s wise to telephone ahead.

If you do visit an Ontario cheesemaker, we’d like to hear from you to start collecting experiences and impressions—and tasting notes—for Cheese Lover’s Guide to Ontario.

Editor’s note: Thanks to Bill Miller of The Art of Cheese for pointing out that we were missing Millbank Cheese founded in 1908 and now again owned and operated by the Old Order Amish of Ontario.

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